The New Geopolitics of the Eastern Mediterranean: Trilateral Partnerships and Regional Security

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Co-founder of Geopolitical Cyprus, Zenonas Tziarras, has edited a collective report, published by PRIO Cyprus Centre and FES, titled “The New Geopolitics of the Eastern Mediterranean: Trilateral Partnerships and Regional Security”.

This is the first major and complete work that deals with the concept of trilateral partnerships in the Eastern Mediterranean, and a significant contribution to the new but growing literature on Eastern Mediterranean geopolitics.

Report Abstract:

The purpose of this collective volume is to examine in depth the new geopolitics of the Eastern Mediterranean with particular focus on the various aspects of the emergent trilateral partnerships of the Greece-Cyprus-Israel and Greece-Cyprus-Egypt. The authors are particularly interested about the individual and collective drivers and motivations that brought these countries together, as well as their strengths, weaknesses and prospects. Moreover, the volume aims to shed light on how regional and global powers shape the geopolitics of the Eastern Mediterranean, and how they view the trilateral partnerships. At the same time, the prospects and pre-conditions of success for these partnerships are also examined in light of the common interests of participating states, areas of cooperation and third party inclusion or reactions.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: The New Geopolitics of the Eastern Mediterranean – An Introduction – Zenonas Tziarras
  •  Chapter 2: Geopolitics and Energy Security in the Eastern Mediterranean: The Formation of new ‘Energy Alliances’ – Andreas Stergiou
  •  Chapter 3: A Threatening Sea, a Bridging Sea: Images and Perceptions of the Eastern Mediterranean – A View from Israel – Amikam Nachmani
  •  Chapter 4: Cyprus’s Foreign Policy in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Trilateral Partnerships: A Neoclassical Realist Approach – Zenonas Tziarras
  •  Chapter 5: Greece’s Changing role in the Eastern Mediterranean – Charalambos Tsardanidis
  •  Chapter 6: Between Alliance and Entente: The Egyptian-Greek-Cypriot Partnership – Nael Shama
  •  Chapter 7: Turkey’s Geostrategic Vision and Energy Concerns in the Eastern Mediterranean Security Architecture: A View from Ankara – Emre İşeri & Ahmet Çağrı Bartan
  •  Chapter 8: Conclusions: The Eastern Mediterranean is What Regional States Make of it – Zenonas Tziarras

The Report and its individual chapters can be accessed here and here.

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